Isabella Bullock: Coffee Aficionado & Advocate

As a working professional, Isabella knows the value of her independence. She has excelled to new heights in her career despite the challenges she has faced.

A native of Belleville, Michigan, Isabella (or Izzy for short) was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Currently, Izzy uses a Quantum® Edge 3 Electric Wheelchair with iLevel® technology.

“I love the freedom iLevel gives me.  The ability to and sustain a walking speed allows me the ability communicate with others at eye-level without losing momentum,” Izzy said.

Thanks to her electric wheelchair, Izzy is completely mobile without any help from others. iLevel power adjustable seat height enables her to independently reach things that are higher up. iLevel is beneficial in the workplace too, as Izzy uses iLevel multiple times a day in her job as an employment specialist for the Center of Independent Living.

“I am able to use the Xerox machine independently and communicate with coworkers and consumers without being looked down upon,” Izzy said.

Not only does she assist people with disabilities in obtaining skills they need to become employed, Izzy also helps individuals who receive social security benefits understand how working impacts those benefits. She is passionate about advocating for others with disabilities so they can live their lives to the fullest.

“I love seeing people with disabilities succeed and shatter the glass box society puts us in,” Izzy said.

Izzy’s other interests include iced coffee and reading. She loves helping others with disabilities by connecting them with community resources that can help individuals live their best lives. She also shares her personal experiences and achievements to encourage those with disabilities to go after what they want.