Meet Our Team

Discover the Amazing Lives of Our Quantum Brand Ambassadors

Meet our team! Our Quantum brand ambassadors and Q Roll Models use our power chairs and related technologies to live independently. Click their photo to learn more about each of them.

Riley Hurt
student, loves science, lives in Oregon

Anomie Fatale
Singer and musician, lives in Philadelphia

Jill Moore White
Inclusive play specialist, lives in Minneapolis

Andraea LaVant
Disability consultant, lives in Arizona

Dr. Kara Ayers
associate professor, lives in Ohio

Kerri Knudson
Public speaker, loves the outdoors, lives in Utah

Paul Amadeus Lane
Broadcast journalist, accessibility consultant

Bliss Welch
2013 Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, lives in Chattanooga

Chrysanthemum Chan
Award-winning cosplayer, lives in Maine

Maddie Kasten
Student, athlete, gamer, lives in Phoenix

Sakina Shamsi
Enjoys baking, horseback riding, lives in NJ

Joe Stramondo
assistant professor, lives in San Diego

Jesse Cuellar
Artist, mouth painter, lives in St. Louis

Izzie Bullock
Enjoys iced coffee, lives in Michigan

Josh McDermott
Public speaker, loves music, lives in New York

Merlisha Henderson
Wife, mother, lives in Phoenix

Zoe Hernandez
Student, cat lover, lives in Connecticut

Morgan Steward
Honorary police officer, loves video games

Bryan Anderson
Veteran, actor, has a service dog named Mya

Stephanie Woodward
Activist, lawyer, lives in Rochester, N.Y.