Madonna Long: Wheelchair User and Disability Advocate


Madonna Long is no stranger to Washington D.C. She spends a lot of time in the capitol, meeting with congressional leaders and advocating for people with disabilities.

In high school, Madonna was a track athlete who did the long jump and ran 100-meter hurdles. A bus accident at the age of 18 left Madonna with a spinal cord injury.

To stay mobile and maintain her independence, Madonna uses an iLevel® Power Wheelchair. The power adjustable seat height elevates Madonna up to 12 inches, so she can be at eye level with people.

“Being able to interact at eye level is incredible,” Madonna said. “It makes my everyday tasks much easier and activities more enjoyable.”

With her political background, Madonna brings a lot of experience in her role as a disability and consumer advocate for Quantum.

At 22, she met Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Several years later, Madonna ran for Nevada State Assembly, and she and Reid campaigned together. In her job today, Madonna works tirelessly to educate policy makers on disability issues.

“Without education, we can’t expect action,” Madonna said. “I communicate the needs of the disabled community to the people implementing Medicare and other health care reforms.”

In addition to her work on Capitol Hill, Madonna is a mother to four children: Joshua, Julie, Tyler and Tanner.

Although her job is extremely demanding, Madonna can easily focus on her work thanks to her iLevel Power Wheelchair.

“It lets me live life on my terms,” Madonna said.