Merlisha Henderson: Advocate and Wheelchair User

Merlisha Henderson is a wife, mom and advocate in the disability community. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Merlisha lives in Arizona with her family.

Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Polymyositis in January 2018 at just 40 years old, Merlisha was unsure of what the future would hold for her, losing the use of her muscles over time.

Thankfully, her Edge 3 with iLevel® technology has given Merlisha a new lease on life. With 12 inches of power elevated seating, Merlisha goes about her daily activities with greater independence.

“iLevel has restored my independence at both work and home,” Merlisha said.

From reaching printers at the office to having face-to-face conversations with her colleagues, iLevel gives Merlisha the boost she needs to be more successful in the workplace. When at home caring for her family, Merlisha can interact and play with her kids. She can also easily reach the stove when cooking meals.

iLevel has given Merlisha greater confidence as well. She works closely with members of her community, partnering with business owners to install family restrooms at their locations. These facilities help ease the stress that caregivers and those with disabilities face every day.

“iLevel has allowed me to get more involved and start a dialogue with people, something I wouldn’t have done before,” Merlisha said.

Having increased confidence and mobility drives Merlisha in her passion for disability rights. Through her efforts, Merlisha has met many men and women in the disability community and she is inspired by their resiliency.

“I have a responsibility to myself and others in the disabled community to advocate for equality and access for all,” Merlisha said.