Ways iLevel Helps Me

With my iLevel® Power Wheelchair, I can do so many things that I would not be able to do if I was using a wheelchair at standard height. My wheelchair elevates up to 12 inches in height, allowing me to participate in a lot of different activities. Here are just a few ways that my iLevel Power Wheelchair helps me live a life that is full and fun.

Movie Theaters

When I’m at the movie theater, I feel so independent. You should see the looks on people’s faces when we’re in line and they see me use the iLevel function as I elevate to pay for our tickets. The movie theater I usually go to has the accessible seating in the back of the room so I’m able to use my iLevel at 12 inches of elevation to see the movie much better.


When I’m out at the restaurant with my family, my cool Quantum power wheelchair allows me to sit wherever I want. My chair adjusts perfectly with the lower tables and I’m able to use my iLevel function to elevate and sit at the higher tables as well. This makes me feel so good that I’m never left out when my family eats out together!

Amusement Parks

I love going to amusement parks and joining in on the fun with my friends and family. It’s always nice to know I’m able to keep up with everyone, even with the heavy crowds. I use my iLevel motorized wheelchair to elevate to the same height as my mom, so she’s able to pick me up and carry me onto the rides and ride with me. This really helps to keep the pressure off her back, so she doesn’t have to bend so much.

Also, my mom makes me stay in the elevated position at iLevel when we’re at amusement parks and any crowded places when there’s a lot of people around. This makes it easier for my mom to keep track of my whereabouts and harder for me to get lost, even when I try to get lost on purpose!


When I go to kid concerts, I elevate my power chair so I can see the stage. Plus, my motorized wheelchair allows me to interact with the crowd as they’re going wild for the performers! When I take pictures with others after the show, I can always raise my power chair to their height. It’s easier for them so they can stand right by my side. They don’t have to bend down.

Public Speaking

I sometimes speak and represent the Quantum brand at many social events, especially events for kids. These kids look up to me, so I want to make sure they can hear me and see me when I am talking. I raise my motorized wheelchair so I can speak into the microphone. Plus, when my power chair is raised at 12 inches, people in the audience can see me better.

One of the best things about my iLevel Power Wheelchair is how it makes me feel in social settings. My power chair gives me so much confidence. It makes me feel empowered and allows me to fit right in with what’s going on around me. This lets me be a regular kid whether I am playing with my friends or spending time with my family.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan Steward is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He lives with his mother, father and two siblings. He is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.