Chicago Abilities Expo

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the annual Chicago Abilities Expo with the Quantum® team. Doing these types of consumer shows with Quantum is always a great time. Some people might find the crowds overwhelming, but I am totally comfortable with it. Plus, there were a ton of familiar faces in that crowd and it’s always nice to see people again.

I live very close to Chicago, so the expo was basically held in my own backyard. It made sense that I would see people I know, like my buddy Mike, my twin brother’s neighbor! It was great to catch up with Mike at the expo. I’ve turned him into a Quantum fan and he now has an iLevel power wheelchair.

One cool thing about the expo is that people can try out the Quantum power wheelchairs and drive them around. I already use the Edge 3, so I can tell people how great it is, how much it helps me. So, if someone is unsure about the chair, I try to reassure them by talking about my experiences. People that visited the booth were very interested in trying out iLevel®.  It was amazing to see their faces light up the first time they experienced it. One girl, named Grace, took the Edge 3 with iLevel for a test drive and loved the stability. She felt so comfortable while she was elevated. Another girl kept coming back to the booth throughout the weekend and trying out iLevel. I loved it! It just made my day.

People at the show who already own Quantum chairs also stopped by the booth! One girl named Ashley had a Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Wheelchair with iLevel. She talked about how it made her “feel normal again.” Ashley also mentioned the Interceptor batteries and what a difference they made for her.

In addition to the booth where the products are shown, Quantum also has a pit stop booth. People attending the expo can get complimentary tune-ups on their Quantum chairs. The pit stop crew was amazing. They weren’t afraid of hard work and they have a “get it done” attitude, which I love, because that’s pretty much how I am!

Working with the Quantum crew at the Abilities Expo is an amazing experience. From the reps in the booth to the pit stop crew working on chairs, these guys know their stuff and just want to do good and help others. I am so proud to be a part of this team!

About Bryan Anderson: Bryan grew up and resides in Illinois. Injured by an IED in October 2005, Bryan is one of the few triple amputees to survive his injuries in Iraq. He is an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation and a spokesperson for USA Cares, which is focused on assisting post 9-11 veterans. Click here to learn more about Bryan.