Winter Fun with iLevel®

The most exciting part of the year is winter! Even though it doesn’t snow in Georgia, my mom makes sure that I enjoy my winter break to the fullest. We went tubing down Stone Mountain, and they call “Snow Mountain” for the holidays.

There are so many people waiting to go snow tubing. As you go down you can see kids laughing, parents holding on tight and people falling over at the bottom. The whole time I was going down the hill all I thought about was not wanting the ride to end! After we got up and I got in my chair my next mission was that snow man. I made a snowman from manmade snow and it was so cool. The manmade snow even feels cold like it is actually snowing and that blows my mind. My mom, brother and sister were all there and it was so exciting. 

We went to Centennial Olympic Park and enjoyed some of the activities there too! If you haven’t been to the Ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, you should try it. They even have a wheelchair accessible cart that I can easily glide into. You can see the whole city from the top of the wheel. My sister is a little afraid of heights but because I’m a great little brother I made sure she knew it was ok. My mom couldn’t stop saying how pretty the city looked from up there. Everything looks so different from that high up. There was a light show at the park and it reminds me of the lights at the Botanical Gardens. My mom was probably the most excited for this because she loves Christmas time. I’m thinking maybe the lights should be a tradition.

In a bunch of ways my uniqueness has brought us closer as family. I can always count on my mom and siblings to support me. I also get to give back to my community with the Shop with a Cop. It’s an annual event where the Covington Police Department’s Police Who Cares nonprofit program teams up with underprivileged kids so that they can have presents for Christmas. It is the most rewarding event that I participate in during the winter break. Seeing the kids light up because they get to have a Christmas always makes me happy. My mom does a lot for me and my sister and some kids aren’t as lucky. It makes me really appreciate what I have a little more. During this event, I am Officer Morgan and it feels good to be living out my dream as a police officer.

I was a special guest at the police department’s award ceremony as well, which was held the same week. I also attended two parades, the Covington Christmas parade and the Porterdale Christmas parade, while elevated at iLevel.

Officer Morgan elevated at iLevel

The parade routes are long so I’m happy I get to change positions because it’s boring after a while. My chair is surprisingly very comfortable. The parades are so cool! The community comes out to see the trees, lights, entertainment, and the floats! This year, the Covington parade was held in the square. They block off the streets and everyone is all dressed and really showing their Christmas spirit. Normally after the parade I am ready to relax at home, but I never think about that while I’m there. I’m always wrapped up in having so much fun. These activities make it hard to want to go back to school. Why can’t winter last all year? 

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He lives with his mother, father and two siblings. He is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.