A Very Special Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is always a special time for many of us.  I love it because my adult kids always make the day about me. They get up and fix me breakfast, which is my daughter Julie’s specialty. She is a great cook, which honestly, she got from her father and not me.  

On Saturday before Mother’s Day, my kids brought me flowers. I love the ones that are mixed with daisies and carnations. My daughter bought two bouquets, one for my high school friend Cathy who was coming to visit that day. My kids are always thoughtful. They made lunch for us and we sat and talked about Mother’s Day and our mothers.  Cathy was raised by her grandmother, Violet, and when we were kids, this lady could bake like no other. We giggled about her Pitisa bread, and how she would make you eat it when you came. She used to tell me I was too skinny and I better take two pieces.  So, Mother’s Day means so much to those who were raised by our mothers or others in our family. 

My mother was raised by her Aunt Ruby, and to her she was no different than her mother, Alice. My mom never called Ruby her aunt, she was always her mother. I think that is why my mother had eight children. She was raised an only child by my grandmother. 

I think of my mom, who passed away in 2005, and how I miss her.  My mom raised eight kids and I was the sixth of the eight Crosthwaite kids.  My mother was strict with all of us, but she worked hard to make sure we each felt special. I will never forget then she worked at the hospital to get me my own bedroom set. It was a powder blue canopy bed.  I seriously had it better than the five kids before me. My parents were financially stable, and my mom continued to work as we grew older. She always was so proud she could buy a beautiful bedroom set for one of her daughters.

My mom had a busy life with all of her kids, but if not for her strength and support for me after my accident, I am sure I would not be who I am today. She was a model mother and I hope that I am as strong as her throughout my life. Make sure you tell your mother often how much she means to you, and not just on Mother’s Day. Because mothers are forever, and they never leave our hearts once they are gone.