How I Transport My Wheelchair

Many times, transportation is seen as a huge barrier when considering a power wheelchair. I would like to help people understand that there are many ways to navigate this and that may change over time. When you first get your power chair, you may not have an accessible vehicle, but you may obtain an accessible vehicle in the future. Although transportation of a power chair is a barrier, it should not be seen as a reason to not have a power chair, especially if the power wheelchair makes you more independent in your daily life.

Years ago, I had a manual wheelchair that was folded into the trunk of a vehicle. My caregiver would transfer me into the car where I would sit next to someone.

Fast forward to today! When I transport my power wheelchair with iLevelĀ®, I do not remain in my chair. I use public transportation and utilize the coach city bus. It has a rear entry and a side entry, which is toward the front of the bus. The driver of the bus locks my chair in with a four-point tie down before departing. They usually work with you on this.

Click here to watch a video of me in my wheelchair on the bus lift.

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