My New Quantum Backup Camera

Jared’s Stretto is now equipped with a backup camera

Last week, I was fortunate to have the brand-new Quantum backup camera installed on my Edge 3 Stretto power wheelchair. Safety and security are always at the forefront of my mind when using my Stretto. Having the Quantum backup camera has made me feel more comfortable while I zip around!

The backup camera’s display can be mounted to either the armrest of the chair or the headrest using a gooseneck holder. I chose to mount mine on the armrest, as I tend to not use the headrest very much. By mounting it to the armrest, it allows me the flexibility to move it to different locations, so I have greater visibility. It also makes transferring to and from my chair easier. The infrared camera itself is mounted to the rear of my Stretto electric wheelchair, allowing me to see what is behind me as I back up.

Quantum backup camera’s LCD display

The LCD display is 3.5 inches and offers great picture quality. The way I have it set up is so that whenever I reverse in my Edge 3 Stretto electric wheelchair, the camera automatically activates, showing a clear shot of whatever is behind me in my path. There is also the option to leave the camera on all the time whenever you are using the chair, so you can always see what is behind you.

I have been using this awesome addition to my electric wheelchair for only about a week or so. It is fair to say that I have bumped into fewer tables, chairs, or even people’s feet when driving in reverse. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it is difficult to put it to use out in public right now. I am looking forward to being able to safely navigate stores, parking lots and other public places, now that I always know what’s behind me!