My First Winter in My Stretto

Jared in his Edge 3 Stretto Power Wheelchair

I’m looking forward to winter. That isn’t exactly a phrase you would normally hear me say. As a disabled person, the season upon us presents quite a few challenges both mentally and physically, at least to me. One of the main challenges has always been navigating the outdoors in a safe way. Often, there is a lot of ice to worry about, whether it’s visible or black ice, as well as snow drifts and pathways and sidewalks that haven’t been cleared. The cold temperatures also make it harder for me to move my feet and hands, which makes simple tasks more difficult, such as holding any sort of object in my hand or transferring into a vehicle and out of my power wheelchair. This also means that with these issues in the back of my mind, I am more likely to not want to go outside and find myself becoming more and more likely to just stay in my house and avoid the weather altogether.

Jared and his fiancée

I can honestly say, however, that this winter feels quite a bit different for me. Now that I have the incredible Quantum® Edge 3 Stretto® Narrow Motorized Wheelchair with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), I am looking forward to getting outside safely. I can get from point A to point B safely, comfortably and quickly! Having never experienced a winter in my Stretto, I am looking forward to utilizing my backyard space (when weather permits) to continue BBQ season all year long, as well as getting myself outside for much needed sunlight and fresh air during the day, something I was unable to do independently with my previous manual wheelchair. I am looking forward to rolling around the neighbourhood, an activity that my fiancée and myself enjoy doing to make sure we are getting outside. I won’t have to worry about my chair getting stuck on even the smallest bit of snow.

My Edge 3 Stretto Narrow Wheelchair has also made it easier to help with decorating our house for the Christmas season. I have been able to arrange and reach items on high shelves (thanks to iLevel® technology), and have been able to move around and see different decorations from new vantage points in order to make sure they look picture perfect.

I am looking forward to enjoying the full winter experience this year with the help of my new Stretto. I plan to update you all throughout the season as to how my Stretto and I handle the uncertain weather, as well as the great times ahead!

About Jared Wayland: Jared is a graphic designer and lives in Ontario, Canada. He uses an Edge 3 Stretto for mobility and enjoys cooking and spending time with his fiancé. Click here to learn more about Jared.