Maintaining My Stretto

Jared watches as his Stretto Power Wheelchair is worked on

I think of my Quantum® Edge 3 Stretto® Power Wheelchair with iLevel® technology as an extension of myself. It is a crucial part of my independence and day-to-day life, and because of that, it is extremely important to always make sure that it is in perfect working order and maintained as well as possible.

The Stretto is such an incredibly built power wheelchair, and because of that, I haven’t encountered anything I would label as a problem. There have been some minor adjustments made over time, however, mostly due to me discovering what is comfortable and what works for me with the motorized wheelchair. From the length of the footrests to the position of the seat cushion and back of the chair, the amazing team of service specialists at Quantum Rehab Canada always make sure I am as comfortable as I possibly can be.

Jared’s Stretto Motorized Wheelchair undergoing maintenance

Over the last 6-7 months of being a Stretto motorized wheelchair user, they have always made it easy and fun helping me find what is right for me. Also, being relatively new to the power chair life, sometimes I hear the power chair making noises or doing things that I am not used to. The team at Quantum Rehab Canada is always quick to assess and respond to any questions I may have about the Stretto’s functionality, sounds and movements. Not to mention, the team is extremely accommodating in terms of finding a time and place that works for me to get my Stretto serviced (not always an easy task in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic). When the specialist arrives, they always practice the utmost safety, specifically masking up, sanitizing, and keeping the required distance to ensure that everyone is safe.

I really don’t know what I would do without the amazing people at Quantum Rehab Canada. I would probably be quite lost without them. By always answering my questions and maintaining my Stretto they keep me safe, independent and provide me with peace of mind knowing that I am using a chair that is in tip-top shape. If you ask me, and that is the most important thing.