What’s in My Power Chair Bag?

Other than my Edge® 3 Power Chair, the thing that contributes the most to my independence is my side bag. Most power wheelchair users have a carrying device of some kind that holds daily essential items. I am no different. Below are a few things that I carry with me every day, as well as a few variations of what I bring, depending on my day. As with all my product suggestions, I will try my best to avoid specific brands, so you can decide what works best for you

My Power Wheelchair Bag

Tim in his Edge 3 Power Chair

My bag of choice is the 14-inch Amazon Basics laptop case. I chose this for three reasons: cost, durability and features. At the time of writing, this bag is only $15, making it a relatively easy thing to replaced if it ever becomes ripped or frayed. To be honest, I am rough and reckless with my chair quite often, which speaks to the engineering powers of Quantum R&D. I also put my side bag though a lot every day, mostly trying to fit through tight doors and turns. (maybe I need a Stretto?). through it all, however, this bag has endured. I first purchased this bag in 2014 and only replaced it in 2017 because of a freak accident that ripped it into two pieces. My 2017 model is still going strong. Feature wise, three zippered pockets section off portions of the bag, which is helpful when organizing and if you do not have access to your pants pockets. Dimensions are 14.1” x 2” x 11”. Any longer and the bag would slide of the armrest. Any deeper and it would hit the drive wheel on my electric wheelchair.

Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys

Phone, wallet, keys. Otherwise known as PWK. This ubiquitous combination is an essential for me. I need my phone to interact with the world around me. I need my wallet to store money and important identification. I need keys so I can get in my house. There aren’t many modifications to any of these items except that my phone has a very heavy case for when I drop it. I have a slim wallet for credit cards and a key ring to help with keys.

Masks and Hand Sanitizer

A mask is not only useful during a pandemic, but also with allergies and dust. Hand sanitizer helps me feel clean when a sink is not within reach.

Wireless Earbuds

I find it difficult to operate my electric wheelchair and take phone calls with one hand. Thankfully, wireless earbuds allow for a hands-free communication. Earbuds also make listening to music a breeze!

Flash Drive, USB Cable and Power Bank

With the flash drive, I can store and upload files on the go. One of my favorite features of the Edge 3 Electric Wheelchair is the USB charger adapter, which can charge devices while I’m on the go. It requires a cable in order to establish a connection. The power bank is useful when I am away from an outlet for an extended period.


A small multitool often contains pliers, blades, screwdrivers, a bottle opener and many other handy items. I keep one with me at all times, just in case.

Did I miss anything? What are the essential items in your day bag?

About Tim Shin: Tim lives in River Vale, NJ. He enjoys food, fashion, music and television. Click here to learn more about Tim.