Tips for Power Wheelchair Users

I know that many people out there are new power wheelchair users. I know it can be hard and challenging when first starting out as a wheelchair user but let me tell you something. No matter what troubles you are experiencing, you still have people who are there to help you. Here are my top tips for a new wheelchair user.

How Do I Choose a New Power Wheelchair?

Choosing a new power wheelchair takes some research. You can start by asking your doctor or therapist for suggestions, or you can visit an Abilities Expo. I highly recommend checking one out. Because of COVID-19, there may not be an in-person expo happening for a while, but the Abilities Expo is holding virtual expos too. I didn’t know that these events existed until I went to a couple myself. At the Abilities Expo, you can look at different types of power wheelchairs and see which one is right for you. You can also try out each of the electric wheelchairs that are displayed in the booths.

The Stretto Narrow Wheelchair with iLevel

While there are a lot of different wheelchair manufacturers out there, I strongly believe that Quantum Rehab is the best company in the whole world. I have a Quantum® iLevel® Power Chair. My electric wheelchair is built and customized to meet my needs. Quantum can create power wheelchairs that are perfectly suited for each person. Check out the Stretto, a narrow wheelchair from Quantum.

How to Get a Wheelchair Through Insurance

If you are wondering how to get a wheelchair through insurance, I have to be honest with you. It all depends on your medical needs and whether you qualify, based on requirements from your insurance company. Your physical therapist must write a strong and convincing letter that explains and demonstrates why you need a narrow wheelchair, such as the Stretto. There are some circumstances that must be met in order for your health insurance to approve the recommendation. You can also add some things, such as certain wheelchair accessories that you would like to have on your power wheelchair, but wheelchair accessories always covered by health insurance. It helps to have more than one type of insurance. If you only have one insurer, there is a possibility that your health insurance will not cover all the expenses of your new electric wheelchair. You will have to pay out of your own pocket.

Where Can I Get My Wheelchair Fixed?

You may ask, where can I get wheelchair fixed if something breaks? If your new wheelchair breaks down, you can return to the dealer where you originally purchased the power chair from. They can make any repairs and perform service checks to keep your power chair running in top shape. You can visit Quantum’s dealer locator too.

Hopefully, these tips will help you. If any of you are new wheelchair users, I wish you the best of luck!  

About Zoe Hernandez: Zoe lives in Meriden, Connecticut. A Quantum® brand ambassador, Zoe attends Abilities Expos and speaks with people about her disability. She is currently enrolled in college and hopes to work in a community one day with people who are just like her. Click here to learn more about Zoe.