Indoor Activities for Wheelchair Users

Bryan uses this drum hand to play the drums with his prosthetic hand.

Usually in the winter, I’m mostly stuck in my condo. When it snows here in Chicago, the snow covers the sidewalks. When it comes to wheelchairs and inclement weather, it is really easy for my power wheelchair to get stuck when I’m on my own. So, I came up with ways to keep myself sane when I’m indoors.

To prevent boredom, I thought about what I can do now that I’ve exhausted the usual activities. I have played video games, done puzzles, watched movies and television shows. Now, it’s time to find different things to do. There is a great possibility of you learning something new or discovering a new hobby.

Play a Musical Instrument

I have a drum set I’m trying to learn how to play. Because I’m an amputee, I have a drum hand that snaps onto my prosthetic. There are many types of adaptive equipment and adaptive instruments available. What I have works well for me.

Arts and Crafts

Some people enjoy arts and crafts, like drawing, painting or sewing. These are things you never thought you had time for in the past and they can be a lot of fun. If you have kids or nieces and nephews, crafts are a great thing to do together. The internet is full of ideas for arts and crafts using things just lying around your home.

Bonsai Tree Kit

Here is another thing I’ve started doing: growing bonsai trees. A bonsai tree is a Japanese art form where you grow small trees in containers that mimic the size, shape and scale of real trees. I bought a bonsai tree kit and started growing three of them. I find the whole process pretty cool.

No matter what your interests or what you enjoy doing, get out there and try something creative or new.

About Bryan Anderson: Bryan grew up and resides in Illinois. Injured by an IED in October 2005, Bryan uses a power wheelchair for mobility. He is one of the few triple amputees to survive his injuries in Iraq. He is an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation and a spokesperson for USA Cares. Click here to learn more about Bryan.