Living Life at iLevel

#LifeAtiLevel isn’t just a hashtag; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a liberating, empowering feeling being able to elevate my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair whenever I want to. While iLevel technology comes in handy quite frequently, here are some of my favorite reasons to use it.


I’ve recently become very passionate about using a stationary handcycle as a form of working out and staying healthy. I put the cycle on my kitchen table so that I have a stable surface to use it on. In order to get to a proper height that allows me to safely reach the cycle, I elevate my power wheelchair while I’m exercising.


I fully admit I’m not the cook in my house at all, but sometimes I do help out. Several years ago, my family redid our kitchen to lower our countertops and make things more accessible. But it’s still not always easy to reach things, which is where iLevel technology comes into play. When I raise myself up, I’m much more easily able to get the leverage I need to do things like chop or stir.


I’m a pretty short person to begin with, but I also have elbow contractures that make it tough for me to reach high surfaces. But with iLevel and a long-handled duster, I’m just about able to reach the ceiling…or at least the highest shelves. And while I can’t say I love cleaning, I can definitely say I love how it feels to be able to do it independently.

Sitting at High-Top Tables

Although I’m staying safe during the pandemic and not hanging out with people, I used to go out to restaurants quite often. I actually find high tables to be pretty problematic because not everyone can sit at them, but when they’re the only option, you can bet I’m glad I have the ability to use iLevel technology.

Taking Pictures

I’ve never minded being at my usual seated height in photos, but sometimes I like to raise my motorized wheelchair higher and get a little closer to everyone else. It gives me the chance to get a bit more creative or silly with poses during photo opportunities.

Kissing my Boyfriend

I know this one is a little scandalous, but I think it’s worth sharing. I’m a foot and a half shorter than my boyfriend, and since I’m sitting down and he’s standing up, he definitely towers over me in height. But sometimes, I close our height gap by fully elevating my power wheelchair so I can see my boyfriend at eye level. It’s a lot of fun and a good feeling.

These are just some of the everyday ways I like to use iLevel technology. But the best part of #LifeAtiLevel is that I’m always finding new ways to use it. It’s opened up a world of possibilities, and I’m incredibly grateful to have it as part of my life.

About Emily Ladau: Emily is a blogger and serves as the editor in chief of Rooted in Rights. She co-hosts a podcast and has been recognized as an emerging leader in the disability community. Emily lives on Long Island and enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants. Click here to learn more about Emily.