My Love for Graffiti

This Valentine’s Day, I celebrated my appreciation and love for the art of graffiti: its form, color and design. The significance is that it makes me create, and pushes my boundaries, makes me uncomfortable. When I am uncomfortable, it makes me think and express feelings with color and design and I let these play out.

Jesse uses his art to express himself

For this Valentine’s Day and to up my game, I bought an upgraded set of paintings, canvases and brushes. It’s important to me to raise my standards and up my game. When you paint, you must become uncomfortable to meet new heights and elevate yourself. Just like in any relationship, if you plateau, you need to try new things to make the relationship even better. As the common expression goes, you never know until you try, right? Valentine’s Day is day of showing appreciation to the things or people you love. My passion is for me to show love, to show different expressions that normally can’t be shown. This also helps me think and keep my brain active during these rough times while we quarantine.

As for everyone else, I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day and appreciate one another or the things or passions that gets you through life during these hard times. Without these things, we wouldn’t be able to make it through the dark times. Always appreciate your passions, your loved ones and all the things that keep you motivated in life. Life always gives us different lessons every day and what we learn from them depends on us. But at the end of the day, it’s ultimately love that keeps you going.

About Jesse Cuellar: Jesse is an artist and a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. An accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, so he uses his mouth to paint and expresses himself through his art. Jesse lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys painting and hanging out with his friends. Click here to learn more about Jesse.