The Best Gifts

Morgan enjoys gaming in his Stretto Power Wheelchair

The end of 2020 was an eye opener for me and bittersweet. The hardest and most restricted times have simmered down a little. Still, I must protect myself as much as possible. Christmas was both difficult yet easy because I am so used to enjoying family instead of wanting things. My mom asked my sister and I to let her know what we wanted. We really weren’t expecting anything since we knew our mom just lost her job because of the pandemic. She told that when things started to look rough earlier in the year, she saved for Christmas back in June before her job ended. 

My godfather (I call him Blue) helped and bought me something that I didn’t expect.: he got me a 65-inch television for my gaming system. He put lights behind the television that change colors. Blue told me that now I can have a better experience with my gaming system and YouTube channel. I was so surprised! I found it already up on my bedroom wall when I got home. Now that I have a big screen, my older brother keeps trying to bribe me to play his games on it with his friends. Those ten dollars here and there works for me! When my mom sees me playing my games on the living room television, she just looks at me and I simply tell her to don’t even ask, because she already knows. 

Morgan’s new wheelchair-accessible bathroom

The greatest gift of all (that my sister and brother benefit from too) is the coolest ride-in-shower I’ve ever seen. It’s like I’m in a private locker room. Before, I couldn’t get into my bathroom with my power wheelchair because of the limited door width. So, while I was staying at my dad’s house, my mom bought the materials and supplies so my godfather could create this awesome wheelchair-accessible bathroom for me. I’m so happy. I smile every time I go in there. When I’m in my Stretto Power Wheelchair, I can easily turn around in circles in the shower. The Stretto’s narrow width also helps. The bathroom has an open space with no need for a shower curtain. We also have a barn door that slides to the side for easy access in and out of the bathroom. My sister said it feels weird without a shower curtain so she still goes into my mom’s bathroom for now until she gets more comfortable with the layout. My brother and I love it though!

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility and to maintain his independence. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.