33 Ways to Use iLevel

This month I am turning 33! Every birthday is fun for me, but I am particularly excited for this one because I will be getting my second COVID vaccination on my birthday which, to me, signifies a big change in my ability to interact with the world! Like many others, I spent my last birthday in quarantine, and I am looking forward to being able to get out into the world and socialize more! 

In anticipation of being able to do more in my community, I have made a list of 33 ways I plan to use my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair with iLevel® in my 33rd year of life! 

  1. Reach the grill in the backyard and make lots of kabobs  
  2. Go shopping for more than just groceries and reach all of the high shelves 
  3. Go back to our favorite food stand and eat at the window bar 
  4. Hug my family (finally!) at their level 
  5. Put my baby nephew on my lap so he can experience the world this high up! 
  6. Cut fresh fruit on the kitchen counters  
  7. Get the blender out of our top cupboard and make a pina colada! 
  8. Wash the windows top to bottom so the sun can shine in 
  9. Push my nieces on the swing set at the park 
  10. Raise up to help my nieces on the monkey bars, too! 
  11. Do some spring cleaning and clean out my closet to free up hanger space for new clothes 
  12. Walk the dogs more often, and ensure that cars can see me by being completely elevated  
  13. Wash the car, including the roof!  
  14. Go to SO MANY coffee shops and order at the tall counters without a problem 
  15. Put the fabric roof and curtains on our pergola so we can enjoy the backyard more 
  16. Put up hanging plants outside and water them daily!  
  17. Get my haircut (yay!) and elevate to the perfect height for my hairdresser  
  18. Go to as many food trucks as I can find and order at the window 
  19. Put up all our holiday decorations inside the house and outside, too!  
  20. Shoot some hoops 
  21. Clean out the fridge, including the top shelf 
  22. Clean out the kitchen cupboards to donate dishes, cups, and other things we don’t use 
  23. Have drinks with friends at a bar 
  24. Maybe we’ll even go on a trip and I won’t worry about the height of the hotel bed because I can elevate to the right height to transfer!  
  25. Take my nieces and nephews out to the zoo and sit them on my lap so they can see the animals 
  26. Dust the mantle and the light fixtures 
  27. Go camping and help pitch the tent! 
  28. Go see the 4th of July fireworks and be able to see through the crowd 
  29. Go to an outdoor concert and be able to see the band on stage 
  30. Grow peppers in my raised garden beds 
  31. Hopefully go back to practicing law in courtrooms (instead of virtual!) and reach the podium 
  32. Lead a group of girls with disabilities at EmpowHer Camp, and raise up so they can all see me 
  33. Teach my puppy how to jump on my lap while I’m at iLevel!

About Stephanie Woodward: Stephanie is a brand ambassador advisor for Quantum Rehab® and works as a disability rights activist. She has received many awards for helping communities become more accessible, as well as for her actions in fighting for the rights of disabled individuals as it relates to Medicaid and other support services. Click here to learn more about Stephanie.