How I Am Attending School in a New Way

School has been a true challenge for me this year. I originally wanted to go back and attend classes in person for my 8th grade year. My parents didn’t feel comfortable with me going on campus, so I had to stay home for another school year and take classes remotely.

It started off rough. I basically was set up so that it was like I was actually in my classes with the students. The teachers, however, were barely keeping me in the loop with new assignments. I had to go into each online class a different way to get my schoolwork. I tried this for four months. The struggle was real.

The second half of the school year, I started a new education program called Edgenuity. I fussed at the beginning of the school year because I didn’t want to do the new program. I wish I had listened because it’s actually better than what I was doing before. The Edgenuity program allows me to go at my own pace. It’s based on percentages. I have virtual teachers that explain the assignments step by step. I can even go back to listen and view as much as I want until I understand the assignment completely.

I have six classes and one of them is physical education. Since I have aqua therapy, we will use my progress in the water as my gym grade for credit. That’s cool because we travel an entire over an hour and a half to get there. I’m so glad to know that aqua therapy will be counted as a grade for me. That knocks off one grade as passing because I’m getting better and better in the water.

Overall, I feel as though I’ll be successful with this new education program. I’m learning at a faster but more comfortable pace. The online teachers are funny and they keep me engaged. I find myself talking to the laptop screen as if I’m speaking to the animated instructor. I’m more engaged. So, wish me lots of luck that I pass all my classes with high scores.