Overcoming the Challenge of Moving to a New Home

In a previous blog, I wrote about the challenges I faced when selling my property in Florida.

Now, comes the fun part. The buyers wanted to move into the property quickly. So, I had two weeks to leave. When you sell a property, you can offer the buyer the option to purchase the stuff in your property. Knowing that I was currently in New York, my realtor contacted the buyer and negotiated to have all my furniture included as part of the sale of the property. This was a really big deal. I was dreading figuring out a way to move a couch, two beds, a television and a kitchen table. Also, I hadn’t found a new place to live in Florida. So, I would’ve had to purchase a storage unit and pay for a moving company to get the items to the storage unit.

Moving When You Have a Disability

Sometimes being in a power wheelchair and having a disability is challenging when you need to move. Because of my disability, I do not have the strength to lift heavy items. So, my options are to rely on friends and family to help me or pay for a moving company out of pocket. I ended up hiring a junk removal and moving company to get rid of things that I wouldn’t need, like my pots and pans that the buyer didn’t want. The buyer decided to keep the beds, television, the furniture and the kitchen table.

Getting Help from Friends

Thankfully, a neighbor and my realtor packed up all my clothes, my Keurig and other items. They even called me on FaceTime to make sure that they had everything I wanted to keep. The moving company then took those boxes to my uncle’s house where they’re currently stored in his garage. The moving company took everything else that I didn’t want or need to the junkyard. Thank goodness for FaceTime and the Internet.

The biggest thing I learned throughout this process is to make sure wherever you live or wherever you go in life, make friends and treat people the way that you would want to be treated. Without my realtor and my neighbor, I would not have been able to get the stuff out of my place in time to complete the sale. Relying on family and especially really good friends to help you out sometimes can be a lifesaver. In my case it was a huge lifesaver! I’m very thankful for those people who helped me along the way.

About Josh McDermott: Josh is a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. He is a public speaker and has served as a goodwill ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Josh lives in New York and loves to travel. Click here to learn more about Josh.