Celebrating Mother’s Day and What My Mom Does for Me

Mothers are gentle, kind, resilient and tough, all at the same time. I sometimes wonder how my mother handles so many things at once. She knows what I’m doing even when she’s not around. My mom is always one step in front of me with my slick ways. I guess she really does have those eyes in the back of her head.

What I love about my mom and my aunts is that they always find a way for me, my siblings and my cousins to have fun and explore new places and new things. They make sure I’m never left out and everything is wheelchair accessible. From waterfalls to accessible hiking trails, our family outings are so much fun.

I heard my mom on the phone one time talking to someone about a place that wasn’t accessible for wheelchairs. I mean, she was fussing! Before I knew it, she took me to that place and said: “This is where I wanted to take you but it wasn’t accessible for you. Now it is.” My mom did that for me and other people who use wheelchairs.

Mothers give birth to us and they protect us at all costs. The strength and courage they have is amazing. I’m so thankful to have a mother like mine. My grandmothers and aunts are always looking out for us kids. Loving them is the easiest thing to do. Thanks mom, for showing me what unconditional love feels and looks like.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.