My Great Experience Attending a Pride Festival

Happy Pride Month! I recently attended my first Pride festival on June 18 in Hamden, Connecticut. I was so excited to go there! I met a lot of people at the festival and they were very welcoming towards me. They thought I went to the festival just to support them, but I went there because I came out as bisexual.

I see myself dating anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy. As long as they love me for who I am and respect me. then it doesn’t matter the gender. Being a part of the LGTBQ community gives me the extra confidence that I need. It makes me feel like I can be myself. Not only that, but I’m the first disabled person in my family to be bisexual. I used to be straight, but I’ve realized that I like both girls and boys.

The festival was so much fun! There was a ton of food, a DJ and a live performer. They played some great music. I also got my face painted. I had such a good time. I would definitely go again in the future.

About Zoe Hernandez: Zoe lives in Meriden, Connecticut. A Quantum® brand ambassador, Zoe attends Abilities Expos and speaks with people about her disability. She is currently enrolled in college and hopes to work in a community one day with people who are just like her. Click here to learn more about Zoe.