Making Art Dreams Come to Life

I am often asked how my process works and how do I make my art come to life. When people ask me for something specific, they create a description in my head and I have to recreate that description and put it on canvas or whatever medium I am using. The process is hardcore and consists of a lot of listening, figuring what’s in a person’s head, then putting all the ingredients together to make the piece.

Sketching Ideas

First, we take the idea and run with it. There might be some sketches. From there, you make more sketches around people’s ideas and then figure out what’s closest to what they’re imagining. After that, you mold it and the art comes alive.

From Sketches to the Final Medium

At this point, the sketches gets so detailed we can start producing paint to make the piece of art, whether it’s canvas, a tattoo, whatever. I make sure I have the proper colors that the person is asking for. Slowly, we chip away at it. Remember, it’s all about the patience and diligence of doing your work to make you stand out, to be the person you are when you’re creating artwork for people. Once the piece is completed, I put some clear coat on it make it right. I sign it, make sure the person who asks for it approves, and then it’s delivered to them.

Be Patient with Yourself

Now, this is easier said than done. Art takes a lot of time and it looks more glamorous than it is, but that’s okay. I appreciate people respecting the art. Many times, they come back for more. No matter what your situation is in terms of your ability to make art, just know that anything is possible. It took me a long time to work on it, figure it out and discover that I can make art, just in a different way.

Always remember: you need patience. time is the biggest enemy of your life. You need to learn to control yourself, to do your art and relearn how to do things (like I did). You never know, you might get better at it! You’ll never know until you try.

About Jesse Cuellar: Jesse is an artist and a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. An accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, so he uses his mouth to paint and expresses himself through his art. Jesse lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys painting and hanging out with his friends. Click here to learn more about Jesse.