Expanding My Knowledge in Technology

I welcomed myself into the wonderful world of technology. Although I’m Gen Z and very familiar with the internet and social media, I felt it was time for me to jump in and gain the knowledge I need to advance.

I’m a new student at MasonDog Academy of Technology. This is new program in the Atlanta, Georgia area and I’m so excited. We are learning about gaming education, PC hardware, PC building, VR programming and coding, digital and traditional art along with other fantastic innovative learning. My first day was great. The instructors started off by explaining and showing us some of the older devices in technology that were used in the past. These included computer chips, video games and cartridges from the 80s, and 90s. We also held old storage devices and mother boards. There were so many ancient-looking devices I can’t even believe they were used back in the day.

This is an interactive hands-on class. We are learning how computers are made and how they function. The course also provides an overview of IT systems (including software and hardware) as well as database management, networking, ethics, privacy, and security. We will also tap into software engineering, digital science, data analytics, technical product management and digital marketing. The class explains how the system of internet technology works within our society.

We will be introduced to all the new, most fascinating technologies in the world like: smart device and mobile emerging technologies; internet of things (IoT); wireless and cloud computing emerging technologies, along with reality and video streaming services. I look forward to one day working for or partnering with Microsoft, Google or Apple. Wish me luck!

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.