Another Year Comes to An End

I am grateful for the things 2022 has taught me. It has been a busy year, full of fun experiences. I have tried several things for the first time. I have learned how to paddle board. I have camped by myself. I have taken my power chair on new mountain trails. I have even learned how to cross-country ski! I am definitely more of a fan of the warm activities over the cold.  I have traveled to California, Idaho, and Peru!

I have started thinking about my goals for 2023. I want to continue to try new activities and seek out new adventures. I want to continue to travel. My biggest goal is to find the magical moments every day. I believe if you look for the magical moments you will inevitably create magic. I want to be more purposeful in creating magic and believing that I live a magical life. I have decided I will remind myself every morning to look for magic and every night before I go to bed, I want to think about what the magical moments were during my day.

As I have started to think about this as my goal, I have already started to notice small magical moments. Moments of laughter stand out more. Conversations with people seem more meaningful. I am excited to continue to see these things in my everyday life.  I am excited to see what moments stand out. I can’t wait to see how this continues to change the way I look at my life.

About Kerri Knudson: Kerri lives in Utah with her daughter. She uses a 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair and loves exploring the outdoors. Click here to learn more about Kerri.