My Favorite Moments from 2022

When a new year starts, we consider all the things we love about the previous year and all things we want to change. We consider what can be better and what was already wonderful. I have been considering my favorite moments of the past year. Most of my favorite moments started when I took my trip to Palm Springs in May with my best friend’s family and my daughter. It was the first glimpse of summer and warmth. Being warm is my favorite season! We spent time in the pool and eating fabulous food!

Another favorite memory is going camping by the lake with family and friends. I love the smell of a campfire and I love the feeling of being on the water. Sometimes, I even love the feeling of being sunburnt because that means we had a long day of fun in the sunshine.

In November, we went on a humanitarian trip to Peru and delivered wheelchairs to those who didn’t have access to get a wheelchair of their own. We met amazing families. We tasted incredible food and we felt the true magic of the exhaustion that comes from hard work and giving.

December came to a close with a beautiful wedding for my best friend. It was small and intimate and reminded all of us the importance of family and love. It also reminded us the important aspect of just enjoying each moment! I am looking forward to another full year of magical experiences and seeing more of what this world has to offer. I am grateful I have the freedom of my mobility devices to keep me going!

About Kerri Knudson: Kerri lives in Utah with her daughter. She uses a 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair and loves exploring the outdoors. Click here to learn more about Kerri.