What Makes My Quantum Chair Uniquely Me

What makes my Edge® 3 power wheelchair uniquely me? First off, I just want to say how grateful I am to have a special power wheelchair like this. It gives me so much independence. Now, there are so many things that makes my chair uniquely me. I know that some people would probably say the color of the chair is unique to them but for me, it’s not the color. Instead, it’s how customized the chair is to meet my needs because my power chair is pretty high tech.

My two favorite things on my power chair are the fan and the backup camera. I get hot easily because I can’t regulate my body temperature like everyone else. So, I need to use a fan all year round. The fan that I have is pretty cool and powerful. It is also quiet. The two fans that I’ve had in previous chairs were loud and couldn’t keep me cool. It would always give me hot air. The fan in this chair just gives me cold air.

Now, let’s talk about the backup camera. I like it because I can see what’s behind me whenever I’m backing up. For me, backing up was always an issue. I would have to use the camera from my phone in previous chairs as a backup camera. It worked sometimes. The backup camera is probably the best accessory that has ever been installed onto my power chair. My friends and family say that my chair is turning into a miniature car because of all the components and accessories!

About Zoe Hernandez: Zoe lives in Meriden, Connecticut. A Quantum® brand ambassador, Zoe attends Abilities Expos and speaks with people about her disability. She is currently enrolled in college and hopes to work in a community one day with people who are just like her. Click here to learn more about Zoe.