Photo of Sakina outside near a white pickett fence, she is wearing yellow and is seating in her Quantum Rehab power wheelchair raised at iLevel.

Back to School – High School Edition

It’s my favorite time of year, once again! Time to return to school! After what some might classify as a horrific first year of high school, I’m ready to return, with hopefully enough experience to make it ten times better than last year. There are so many things that I have to look forward to during my sophomore year!

First and foremost, I had never been able to experience a gym class before last year, and now that I have, I absolutely love it! I made so many kind friends, who know the struggle of being in a wheelchair, whether it be power or not. Gym is my time to relax with the people who understand me the most, and just have fun doing things that were made to be accessible.

Everyone who has experienced sophomore year in high school knows that it means that you get to learn how to drive! If I choose not to take it, and if there exists an opportunity for me to drive, I’d have no idea how to drive a car. As I have been thinking about this more I realize that I wouldn’t be losing anything by taking the class. Even if I never do get to drive, I’ll at least be able to establish some daddy-daughter road rage with my dad, as I’ll know what the driver will be doing wrong!!

I am also looking forward to chemistry and all of the labs that I will be able to do in my Quantum Stretto power wheelchair with I-level. The work this year will be more challenging than usual, but like normal, it will also be that much more fun!!!

Finally, the thing that I have been looking forward to since I picked my classes in February of last year is my child development class. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore little kids and that I have much experience with them, as I have a ginormous family with many children in it. My high school actually has a preschool program in it, and for a few hours a day, if you’re on that specific side of the building and you’re lucky enough, you can see the “littles” with their light up sketchers, pigtails, and their backpacks that are way too big for them.

In the class, they teach you some general knowledge when it comes to the kids, and then you actually get to interact with them, all while using the information that you just learned. While I am excited about this class, a part of me worries about how the kids are going to react to someone who is in a wheelchair. I can only hope for the best, because while kids sometimes are pure and see no difference between people and only see the best in them, they can also be brutally honest. I can just hope that they were raised right. I’m so excited for all of the amazing adventures to come!!

Written by: Sakina Shamsi