Meet the first high-performing Group 3 rear-wheel drive power chair in over 10 years!


Photo of a graphic design feature the new Quantum Rehab R-Trak power wheelchair base shown from the side in front of a forest background banner with the words "The Exciting New R-Trak" underneath it. The chair is featured in orange and black and the lettering is white.

You’ve been waiting for the next bold breakthrough in rear-wheel drive capability.
The wait is over, and it’s about time!
Introducing the R-TRAK power base from Quantum Rehab®. A decade in the making,
this revolutionary new power base combines the familiar benefits of rear-wheel drive
with superior comfort.

Our Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS) technology and uniquely positioned Center of
Gravity (CoG) provide stability, comfort, and unmatched driving performance, making
obstacle transitions smoother

Image grid of R-TRAK features starting from upper left going clockwise: elevation* (a seating system elevated on the R-TRAK), Convenience* (image of the USB charger on the joystick), Comfort* (an image of a Tru Comfort 2 Cushion), Visibility (image of the lighting kit), Suspension (image of the suspension on the R-Trak), Optics* (image of the backup camera). Then a note stating that features shown with an "*" are an available option and not standard on the R-TRAK.

Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, the R-TRAK can reach a top speed of
7 mph, or 3.5 mph with 10” Safe Seat Elevation. Its 4-pole motors deliver improved
performance and responsiveness, while integrated switch lights give you the
freedom to travel in all environments. You’ll also enjoy improved access wherever
you are thanks to its narrow 24.2-inch base.

Quantum’s mission is rooted in consumer inspiration. We listened to you, and we
went to work. We’re confident that the R-TRAK will redefine your expectations of
what rear-wheel drive represents, all with the goal of continuing to serve your
activities of daily living.

The future of power mobility has arrived at

Three R-Trak power wheelchairs shown from a left view, front, and right view. Underneath the orange R-TRAK are icons that say (left to right): Suspension, Compact size, 7MPH top speed, and Elevation