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Exploring the Connection Between Spina Bifida & ADHD

After doing research, there may be a genetic reason for why my blog posts are always late. Spina bifida is a spinal defect that leads to various physical and mental challenges for those living with it. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that deals with attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

New research has shown that individuals with spina bifida are more likely to have ADHD compared to others. Spina bifida affects the central nervous system, spinal cord, and the brain. This can lead to a range of limitations, such as paralysis, not being able to walk, an unusual spine shape, and being short.

However, spina bifida looks can look different and be different for each person. One thing that I personally struggle with having spina bifida is when things change. For example, my house is getting renovated right now and I dislike that my family’s kitchen has moved to my in law apartment.

Though it’s not a big change, I am not used to people living in my space constantly. On the other hand, ADHD affects cognitive and behavioral functioning. People with ADHD suffer from symptoms like not being able to focus, being impulsive , and hyperactive.

People with ADHD may have difficulties with organization, not being able to sit still, fidgeting and following instructions. Because of these difficulties, people with ADHD struggle with turning things in on time (like this blog) and academic performance.

As someone who lives with both spina bifida and ADHD, it has been very challenging for me to focus and do well in school. I find myself procrastinating a lot and then after procrastinating, forgetting about what I was supposed to do.

Even writing this blog post, I have gotten distracted multiple times by many little things, such as remembering that I needed to buy something for my headphones and ending up on amazon instead. Though it is challenging, I am working on trying to be less distracted and getting things in on time because these are important skills that I will need for the rest of my life!

Written by: Giana Bisnett