Apps for People with Disabilities

If you have a disability, it’s important to know that there are many tools available to you! Most people like to maintain their independence. If you have a disability that affects your mobility, or another kind of disability that makes daily activities challenging, there are ways to increase your independence and they’re just a click away! Your smart phone is a great ally and there are many applications you can download to help increase your independence and safety. Here are a few mobile apps for individuals with disabilities. 

If You Have Difficulties with Speech

Talkitt is an app that can help you communicate. If you struggle with speech due to complications of ALS, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, stroke recovery and more, Talkitt lets you speak into the app, and it translates your words by recognizing speech patterns. Plus, if you struggle with forming certain words or have difficulty projecting your voice, Talkitt makes communication much easier!

Mobile Apps for Transportation

Everyone recognizes the name Uber. This rideshare app lets people request a ride from the closest driver using their smartphone. Yet, relying on Uber for transportation can be challenging for people who use power wheelchairs or manual wheelchairs. Enter UberACCESS, a separate app that helps you find a vehicle with a rear-entry ramp or a four-point restraint system for easy access and safe transport for wheelchair users.

If you don’t use a mobility device, yet still need assistance getting in and out of a vehicle, Uber has an app for that too! Introducing UberASSIST, an app designed for passengers who need a little help getting in and out of a car. Both applications let you schedule your ride up to 30 days in advance.

Mobile Apps for Finding Accessible Places

Getting around can be difficult when you use a manual or power wheelchair, yet it is even more aggravating when public places such as restaurants, stores, coffee shops or movie theaters do not provide accessible seating or wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits.  

While businesses must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, sometimes interpretation of the ADA can result in some businesses meeting requirements for some wheelchair users and not others, because not every wheelchair user is the same. The app, It’s Accessible, currently lists more than 12,000 accessible establishments across the country and is always adding new ones. Just enter your location and the type of business you want to visit. You’ll get a list of accessible options near you.  

Mobile Apps for the Hearing Impaired

If you have a hearing disability, you understand the struggles of engaging in conversation with others, even if you have hearing aids or a cochlear implant. The app, Have You Heard, allows you to increase the volume of people speaking around you by pairing the app with a specialized headset. The app is able to set the sound for far away or close by and lets you adjust the volume as needed. Plus, if you fear you have missed something important, the app lets you to replay the last 20 seconds of conversation.

The above are just five newer applications that may be available on Android phones, iPhones, or both. Be sure to check your phone’s Play Store to see what is available.

Safety Apps for People with Disabilities

Imagine going for a stroll in your power wheelchair and getting lost or taking public transportation and ending up in unfamiliar area at night with no idea how to get back home. These are just the types of situations designed for the Red Panic Button app. You program the names and contact information of people you would like to contact in an emergency prior to using the app for the first time. If a situation arises where you realize you need immediate help, press the button to contact a person on your list and send them your exact location via Google maps.

Power Wheelchair Repair Apps

Every power wheelchair needs service or repairs now and then. Now you can reduce the number of service visits with your provider with Interactive Assist! This new diagnostic app from Quantum Rehab provides a real-time, direct connection from your power chair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station. The connection provides the technician with full system and diagnostics information along with tools, to aid your provider in servicing your power wheelchair. Learn more about Interactive Assist here.