Abilities Expo Memories

I’ve been a Quantum brand ambassador for a few years now. It’s opened a lot of opportunities for me. I’ve had a lot of great experiences working for Quantum and representing the brand at trade shows. Here are some of my favorite moments and experiences from past Abilities Expos.

In the beginning of my senior year of high school, I went to my first Abilities Expo. It was my first time representing Quantum at a big event as a brand ambassador. The event was a big experience for me because I had never been to an expo before, let alone an Abilities Expo. I didn’t know that there were trade shows for people with disabilities.

The first Abilities Expo I went to was in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2016. It was the most exciting and amazing experience in my life. The first full day of the expo was incredible. I met so many people who have disabilities. For the first time, I was interacting with people who are going through similar experiences as me. People came up to the booth and asked me about iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height on my power wheelchair and how it benefits me. I explain to them how iLevel works and how it helps me be more independent. I showed them how the seat on my power wheelchair elevates up and down. I got a lot of compliments on my power wheelchair. People are amazed at what I can do.

One thing I love about working as a Quantum advocate is that I get to work alongside some of the best brand ambassadors in the United States. For the first time in my life, I felt like I really belonged in a job that appreciates me and others who have disabilities. During my time at the Boston Abilities Expo, I got to meet three other brand ambassadors: Josh McDermott, Kiel Eigen and Mark Smith. They were so nice and welcoming to me. Mark told me that I was extremely hard working, and that I knew what to say and how to say it when speaking with different people I met.

Another memorable expo I attended was in March 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee. This was my first international trade show, and so many people from around the world came together to show the public their newest products. There were a couple of things that I liked about my experiences there. Because it was an international expo, I got to meet lots of different people and really connected with them. And since this wasn’t my first time serving as a brand ambassador at a trade show, I was extremely comfortable. During my time in Nashville, I worked alongside two other brand ambassadors, Bryan Anderson and Jesse Cuellar. It was really fun. I recognized Bryan immediately when I met him because I had seen him in a movie.

With so many great experiences, attending these Abilities Expos has changed my life and I can’t wait to go to more of them!

About Zoe Hernandez: Zoe lives in Meriden, Connecticut. A Quantum® brand ambassador, Zoe attends Abilities Expos and speaks with people about her disability. She is currently enrolled in college and hopes to work in a community one day with people who are just like her. Click here to learn more about Zoe.