Disability Summer Camps

When summer arrives, it’s that time of year to start registering for summer camps. A parent of a kid with disabilities may think that their child’s disabilities will prevent him or her from participating in traditional summer camp activities. Well, let me tell you something that will make you rethink that. There are summer camps not only for kids with disabilities, but for adults with disabilities as well. So many summer camps offer specialized medical care for each disability and one-on-one buddies. Other camps offer tutoring for kids with learning disabilities as well as outdoor activities. There are at least 25 summer camps for kids with disabilities across the country, yet here are three for you to consider: The Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, Camp Greentop and the Children’s Association for Maximum Potential.

Since 2000, the Amputee Coalition has wanted to provide a safe and fun place for kids with disabilities to go. They decided to create a campsite that was made just for them. The camp they created was called Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, located in Clarksville, Ohio. This camp is for children from ages 10-17 who have lost their limbs or were born limb differences. The camp offers challenging activities to build up the confidence of each camper no matter what his or her skill level. The camp’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of children with limb loss and limb difference by increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem, through a traditional and supportive camp experience. Their vision is to become a national model in summer camp programs for children.

Camp Greentop, located in Catoctin Mountain National Park near Thurmont, Maryland, has been a welcoming place for kids and adults with disabilities since 1937. The camp was originally built by the Works Progress Administration labor program. It has 22 buildings, including sleeping cabins, administrative offices and lodges. Later, the camp was modified to become one of the first accessible facilities in the United States. Specific campsites were modified to become fully accessible to children and adults in wheelchairs.

The Children’s Association for Maximum Potential, located in Center Point, Texas, is a camp for kids and adults with disabilities, as well as their siblings. The camp began in 1972, when a group of U.S. Air Force pediatricians, along with other health professionals, brought  32 children with disabilities together for a weekend camp. Since then, the Children’s Association for Maximum Potential has strived to help every camper reach his or her maximum potential, serving individuals with mild to severe disabilities. The camp offers traditional activities that are modified so that people of all abilities can participate and enjoy. They have a volunteer, 24-hour medical team of health care professionals available as well.

About Zoe Hernandez: Zoe lives in Meriden, Connecticut. A Quantum® brand ambassador, Zoe attends Abilities Expos and speaks with people about her disability. She is currently enrolled in college and hopes to work in a community one day with people who are just like her. Click here to learn more about Zoe.