Stealth Mode with iLevel®

In feudal Japan, the ninja was a warrior who used stealth, cunning, and speed to achieve victory in battle. I never in my wildest dreams expected to become one, much less the only wheelchair ninja in the history of the world! My iLevel® electric wheelchair has given me many things but granting me the power of a ninja in stealth mode is epic.

Currently, I work in finance as a supervisor in which I oversee several employees. A large portion of my day involves getting from one side of a building to the other in just minutes for important meetings and listening to live calls for call quality. This means I must approach my team members quietly in an effort not to disrupt their process and assess them without them realizing I am observing and documenting the call. Completing this observation in my old chair was quite frustrating. My team members always knew when I was approaching as my old chair sounded like a diesel truck. The old wheelchair gave team members time to put away snacks, close out social media screens, and hang up personal cell phones, or whatever other activity or shenanigans they attempted to get away that kept productivity down. Now my ilLevel electric wheelchair is like a quiet whisper on a winter’s night that allows me to go into stealth mode. I can prowl the halls silently, seeking distractions that often lead to incomplete projects and unfinished goals. I appear as if by magic and usually the look of surprise that is followed by the comment, “Oh my, your chair is so quiet you scared me,” or they say, “we miss your old chair, we can’t get away with anything!”

On a regular day I usually have multiple meetings back to back anywhere from seconds to minutes apart, in a building that’s long as a football field. I invoke my iLevel ninja speed to move with the spirit of the Impala and arrive at every appointment with time to spare. I received nothing but compliments from other supervisors and managers on my punctuality.

Ninjas were also known for their equipment. The gadgets that they used made them seem almost superhuman. I guess I seem that way with my iLevel cup holder keeping me alert and caffeinated through lengthy meetings, especially in the last two hours of the day that seem to stretch on forever. I am able to stay connected with my clan at all times with my convenient USB port that keeps my phone ready for calls and the all-important Google search. You never know when you will need to cater a team meeting at the last minute.

Another bonus of my ninja-mode iLevel wheelchair is that my kids never know when I might pop into their bedroom. I can get within earshot of my daughter plotting a sleepover. My chair and I are quite the duo. The shocked and surprised faces are priceless when people realize that someone in a wheelchair was able to get close enough to touch them without them hearing a sound! Whether my chair is extended to its full height at 12 inches to offer me a view of the whole mall, or allowing me to safely move through a parking garage to avoid being hit, this chair is epic. It’s hands down the best conversation piece at work and home. If I am taking a break from my wheelchair ninja adventures, my legs are usually elevated to keep my circulation at the best it can be. My iLevel power wheelchair has pushed my ninja abilities into the stratosphere!

About Merlisha Henderson: Merlisha lives in Arizona with her family. As a wife, mother and disability advocate in her community, she stays active and independent, working toward bringing equality and access to all. Click here to learn more about Merlisha.