Enjoying Spring in My Wheelchair

The weather is getting nice. Although, we need to practice social distancing and I have been doing that. It is great to get outside in my Quantum® Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair and go for walks.

Fun with filters!

Even though I cannot spend a lot of time outside, the little bit of time that I have been able to, is made so much easier with my electric wheelchair. I am able to have a drink whenever I want, thanks to my cup holder. My cell phone is always charged, thanks to my built-in USB charger.

This weekend, I will be celebrating Easter. No matter what you celebrate, whether you are just a spiritual person or if you just believe in good karma, it’s always good to see family while maintaining social distancing. This year, my family and I will have a gathering via video conferencing. My family members all live in different states.

Dyeing Easter eggs

I will also enjoy a meal with my friend and caregiver. To get ready for this special day, we had a little fun by dyeing Easter eggs! The process was a whole lot easier thanks to having iLevel® on my electric wheelchair. With iLevel, I could elevate my wheelchair seating up to 12 inches and reach the counter to decorate my eggs. I will also use these eggs for a lesson for my students this week.

Although times are tough, I am truly surrounded by so many blessings, from the people in my life to my Quantum power wheelchair and all of its wonderful accessories. Stay safe and stay healthy!