My iLevel Anniversary

It’s my third anniversary of having iLevel®. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Even after three years, I’m still finding new ways to use iLevel. It shows me new opportunities for independence every day. I can do things that I never dreamed, such as using the leg press at the gym. Let’s be real: I’m short, so without the extra elevation, it’s not impossible to use, but harder, so I tend to use iLevel a lot for transfers.  

My building where I live is secure. There are key swipes to enter and they aren’t placed at seated height. So, I raise the seat of my Q6 Edge® 2.0 Power Chair with iLevel, and I can enter my building without a struggle.

In the wake of COVID-19, iLevel has helped keep germ transmissions down. I can raise my seat to reach elevator buttons and hit them with my elbow! 

Quantum rep Mike Freehill designed my wheelchair for me, with the custom theme of my beloved St. Louis Blues. When he first approached me about doing the design on my wheelchair, it wasn’t just a color scheme he had in mind. He wanted me to have something special that I loved. After three years, I still get compliments on it, while driving my wheelchair down the street with my favorite senior citizen Labrador, my service dog, Tyler.

Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it, because there are no rewords to repay Mike for what he has done to give me independence in my life.

Here’s to more fun and more adventures with iLevel!

About Alison Chancellor: Alison is a friend of Quantum. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where she cheers on her beloved St. Louis Blues at hockey games. Click here to learn more about Alison.