My Wheelchair Backup Camera

While working on my building in Wyoming, I backed up to a drywall beam, which damaged my iLevel® plate. I sent a message to Jay at Quantum and asked for a replacement plate and commented as a joke: “if I had that backup camera, I might drive better.”

Jay asked our Quantum team to send me a backup camera. I was excited to get it since I am used to driving and using the backup camera that is installed in my wheelchair accessible van.  

Installing My New Quantum Camera

Obtaining my new Quantum camera was quick and easy. I received all the parts and called my provider in Salt Lake City and asked them to install it for me. I thought the wheelchair backup camera looked like E.T. The 3.5-inch LCD display comes with a protective case to prevent damage. It is attached to a wheelchair camera mount, which is a long extension that mounts to the right armrest of my power wheelchair. The wheelchair camera mount features a gooseneck design so it adjusts easily. They installed the camera and positioned it on the back of my power wheelchair.

Ways I Use the Wheelchair Backup Camera

I am so amazed at the quality of my new Quantum camera. It has so many uses and promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. I can even use the wheelchair backup camera at night because it has infrared capabilities. I am sure the cat is equally happy I have the camera now. There have been times where she gets behind me and my power wheelchair. Now, I can see her when reversing. Another way I use the backup camera is when I am reversing out down the ramp of my wheelchair accessible van. I noticed as I backed down my ramp, I can maneuver better using the camera. I highly recommend you get the Quantum backup camera. I love it!

About Madonna Long: Madonna works as a disability advocate to educate policymakers and congressional leaders on disability issues. Madonna is a mother to four children and lives life on her terms, despite a spinal cord injury. She uses the Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility.  Click here to learn more about Madonna.