What I Learned in 2020

I am thankful to have navigated through the pandemic of 2020. This was a real challenge for us all. I have gained a greater respect for life. I started 2020 with being hospitalized in February with the flu and pneumonia (not COVID). Once I finally was released from the hospital, I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to avoid getting sick. I told my mom I would not complain anymore when she gives me those natural remedies to keep my body well and balanced. I discovered that what my parents do every day to keep me healthy is very important. When I feel like my mom and dad are being too overprotective by making sure I stay clear from most germs, I know they’re only doing their part to make sure the worst is prevented.

This year brought a new meaning to life for all of us. I appreciate family even more. I have thought of more creative ideas than ever before. I have to shake off sad thoughts from being isolated from people I’m used to seeing and places I’m used to going.

Do you know that I have not played outside with my best friend that lives just across the street since January 2020? I see him outside from my bedroom window or my porch. We do get to play online video games with each other which works for now. His mother knows that I am fragile because I have spinal muscular atrophy so she’s super scared for me to be around him. He also attends school in person and hangs around other kids during the week. I hope our friendship doesn’t change because of this. We were so used to being around each other.

Playing in the leaves at iLevel

Playing with my sister Delana has become more interesting and weirder at the same time. We are being too nice to each other! We took pictures outside with mom and I enjoyed it. She threw leaves all over the place and over me and my sister. This was her effort to make it a bit more fun. Cars drove by, watching and beeping at us. Some said, “I like that,” or “that’s a neat idea,” and “y’all look good” and “we’ll be out there tomorrow.”

I’m okay with how things are going. It’s alright that I can’t go to the movie theater for now. I understand why we must wear masks for protection and keep our hands clean often. One day, we’ll be able to enjoy close company, hug one another, attend parties (can’t wait for that) and indoor events.

Because of the pandemic, most of our neighborhood playgrounds have been closed, but we get the special needs playground opened for us sometimes. Of course, my parents sanitize the swings and anything I touch before and after I’m done. 

Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, social distance and wear your masks.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He lives with his mother, father and two siblings. He is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.