Hitching a Ride at iLevel®

Summer is one of the most enjoyable times to be outside and attend events. It’s a time where we get together with our friends and family post-COVID and get to some form of normal. There are some very enjoyable events that happen throughout the summer in my little town in Wyoming. One of them is Fossil Fest.

The town where I live is rich in fossils and is world famous for them. Each year, Fossil Fest is held in the park. Kids can play and everyone can listen to the music. I decided to head down to the park to check out all the booths and the goodies inside them. The music was playing and the sun was shining. Of course, there’s all kinds of little children running around enjoying all the fun and events.

I headed toward the band as I crossed the grass in the park. I saw a cute little three-year-old zooming in my way. I was fully elevated at iLevel in my Edge® 3 Power Wheelchair. I stopped, because the little guy saw my wheels and was coming straight toward my power wheelchair. I knew he was going to touch them. I saw his mother, reaching to grab him. I smiled at her and I said, “it’s okay. He can touch whatever he wants.” The little boy touched the wheels and looked at the lights. Then, he looks straight at me and put his hands up. It totally warmed my heart. I knew he was saying, “Hey lady. I want up on your lap.” His mom quickly motioned “no” to him.   I smiled and gestured to her that he could come on my lap.

She gently picked him up and put him on my lap and off we went for a ride. I decided to put the controls all the way to slow mode. I let him drive while I held my hand around his so that we didn’t harm anyone on the grass. After he had a ride, he really liked being up on my lap and seeing everybody at iLevel. His mom came and got him and they went on their way.

A few moments later, my friend Johnny, who I grew up with, and his wife, Joyce, came over. While talking to them, a very familiar young mother and a little boy, along with an older brother, stopped to chat. I said, “John, is this your daughter and your grandkids?”

“Yes,” he replied. “I just gave him a ride!” I said. Then, all the sudden, the older brother wanted a ride too! Off we went.

It’s always a good time when you pick up a cute rider at iLevel.

About Madonna Long: Madonna works as a disability advocate to educate policymakers and congressional leaders on disability issues. She uses an Edge 3 Power Wheelchair for mobility. She is a mother to four children and lives life on her terms, despite a spinal cord injury. Click here to learn more about Madonna.