Celebrating Christmas in New York

I am extremely excited for Christmas and the holiday season. Last year, due to COVID-19, Christmas was a little bit different for me. Spending the holidays alone taught me a lot about myself and I feel like it really helped me grow as a person. I learned to appreciate the little things in life and the time that you spend with people you care about. So, this year I’m very excited to return to New York for one last Christmas in the house that I grew up in.

This experience is going to be a little bit different than last year for a few reasons. When I was in Florida last year, I believe it was 70 degrees out on Christmas Day. It definitely did not feel like Christmas. Although I usually wear board shorts and a T-shirt, it was a little strange to be wearing that same attire on Christmas morning. When you grow up in the Northeast and experience the change of seasons, you get used to the really cold weather in December, even if there isn’t snow on the ground. Believe me, there’s been a couple of years where there was no snow but when you stepped outside it was 30 degrees out and freezing.

Reflecting on My Disability

This year’s holiday season will be a little bittersweet. I think the holidays can be an emotional time for anybody. It’s the one time of year that you can reflect and decide how you want your life to be moving forward. I reflect on my disability and think about how my disability has gotten worse in terms of physical activities. I think about things that I could do at the beginning of the year that I currently cannot do. This allows me to make adjustments in my life, to stay as independent as possible. I am also a realist. Over time, I may lose the ability to do a certain task but I strive to put things in perspective. This allows me to be thankful for the experiences I’ve had in my life.

Spending Time with My Family and Friends

I am very excited to spend Christmas with my family and friends this year. I never realized how much I enjoy being with family and friends. It’s kind of funny because we all have that one uncle or friend that is just really annoying and can also embarrass you. Still, after spending the holiday by myself last year, I learned that people like that keep things fun. and sometimes those moments that you create can leave an everlasting imprint in your mind.

Grateful for My Health

While I’m grateful for many things this holiday season, I am most thankful for is my health. Living with a disability can be a struggle. Throw a pandemic in the mix and it’s enough to cause a lot of stress in your life. I’m thankful to have weathered the storm. I have taken every moment as a learning experience. Hopefully I can embrace those experiences and remember them moving forward.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

About Josh McDermott: Josh is a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. He is a public speaker and has served as a goodwill ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Josh lives in New York and loves to travel. Click hereto learn more about Josh.