December Celebrations in New Ways

Christmas and New Year’s are special times to spend with friends and family. COVID-19, however, has changed the whole aspect of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, especially in my life. It’s hard to be safe these days, with all the different variants of COVID. I’m not saying that I am scared but I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially due to my spinal cord injury. For a lot of people Christmas is about coming together with family. For me, my friends are my family.

Celebrating Festivus and Friendsmas

Normally, Christmas is not a big holiday for me. I am not sure why. Yet, celebrating these holidays with my friends makes me appreciate them more every year. From the cards I receive to the people that come visit me, Christmas has become something special. This year was nice, even with the rising COVID-19 numbers. I had a line of friends, coming and going, bringing me food and treats from other family dinners. It was really nice. Together, we watched movies, ate good food and enjoyed some great company. We ate delicious cookies and fudge and all the craziness you can think of. Your real friends really do come through and it warms my heart that we all have people like this in our lives. it’s what keeps us ticking.

Celebrating New Year’s and Resolutions

And as far as New Year’s Eve, I don’t do crowds anymore because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will probably just chill and relax with some friends. In the end, it’s just another day to me. I do have some ideas for resolutions this year. On the movie front, I’m still debating whether or not I should watch the new Spiderman movie. I’ve heard good and bad reviews. Let me know what you guys think. Have a great and blessed 2022.

About Jesse Cuellar: Jesse is an artist and a brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®. An accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, so he uses his mouth to paint and expresses himself through his art. Jesse lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys painting and hanging out with his friends. Click here to learn more about Jesse.