How I Will Cook, Travel and Advocate in the New Year

A new year always makes people reflect on goals. What do I want do this year? What do I want to accomplish? What can I do better? My main goal is to spread awareness to all abilities that adventures are for everyone. A lot of people see disability as something that holds you back. I am trying to show people it’s an opportunity to do something in a different way! Here are some of my goals for the year.

I Want to See New Places

When I travel I seem to go to familiar places. I visit places I know how to get around and what to expect. I want to explore areas of the world that I haven’t been to before. I want to be adventurous in my planning. Before the year is over, I want to go somewhere new. I would love to visit a new place in the United States and I would love to find a way to travel overseas. I also want to see more of my own state. Utah is so beautiful and there is always something new to explore!

I Want to Cook New Foods

Cooking has not always been something I felt confident in trying. As someone who previously used a manual wheelchair, the kitchen has intimidated me. Being eye level with bacon grease splashing can be a little dangerous. Ever since I got my new Quantum 4Front® 2 Power Chair, it has been a game changer! I can raise up and see what I am doing. I can reach everything I need and move around the kitchen with ease. I love the freedom I am experiencing. I want to experiment in the kitchen and feel confident while doing it.  

Become More Visible in the Disability Community

I want to find more ways to be visible and connect with people. I believe that by putting myself out in the world more, I can teach people about the disabled community and raise awareness about my condition. I want to be more involved in my community and show people it is ok to get out there. I also believe this will teach my daughter how to be more comfortable in her skin as well!

About Kerri Knudson: Kerri lives in Utah with her daughter. She uses a 4Front® 2 Power Wheelchair and loves exploring the outdoors. Click here to learn more about Kerri.