Attending High School in My Power Chair

All summer long, excitement was building for me. I finally made it to high school, and It couldn’t come fast enough. It seems like everyone in my family was excited as I was and I know why (but we’ll talk about that next time).

I already planned to change up my clothing style for this next phase of my life. No more cartoon shirts or anything that looks close to being kiddish. My sneaker game will always stay on point though. I grew my hair just for this moment to get hanging twists. I have another month to go before the length is just right. My sister and I had talked about me going to high school for a while now. She’ll be in 12th grade and I’ll be in the 9th grade, so we’ll be at the same school again like we were in elementary school.

My sister has vowed to keep me safe and swore she could block any bullies from me. I definitely believed her because she’s really popular in the school. My sister told me that high school is not like elementary and middle school. Sometimes, kids bully just for fun and to be popular, but I’ll protect you. So, at least that is one obstacle I wouldn’t have to worry about.

Fast forward! My sister was accepted into another school that offered a dual enrollment course that she’d been waiting for. I’m so happy for her. She also assured me not to worry and I’ll be just fine in high school without her being there.

August 1 was my first day of school. I live in Georgia, so, our semesters start a bit earlier. My first week of school was stressful. I had a hard time remembering where all my classes are. Per my doctor’s orders, I must attend school with a personal nurse. This is what my mother told all the teachers at open house but I don’t think they really understood what that meant. What made it more awkward was having five different nurses, one for every weekday. This means a Monday nurse, Tuesday nurse, and so on. My teachers had never seen a child in their general education classes with a nurse that accompanied them. I could see the uncomfortable looks on some of their faces. One of my teachers thought someone made a mistake and put me in her class. She seemed worried all the time, as if I should be in a different facility. I told her that my nurse is here to help with any medical needs, so I’ll be fine. By the way, I’m probably the smartest person in your class.

By week four, I proved my earlier statement to her. I presented a marketing strategy in front of the class. I did a presentation that talked about my condition (so kids would stop staring so much) and proceeded to advertise and demonstrate the features of my Quantum Rehab Wheelchair with iLevel® to the class. I also told them how I am a brand ambassador for Quantum.  

Now, high school has become even cooler than I imagined. I am so happy to be attending in-person classes again. All the accommodations I requested before school started have been met. I’m getting to know more people and I attended my first high school pep rally. My next step is to apply for a club that’s right for me.

About Morgan Steward: Morgan is an honorary police officer for the Covington Georgia Police Department. He uses the Stretto Power Wheelchair for mobility. Morgan is an active member in his community and enjoys helping others. Click here to learn more about Morgan.