The Bryan Anderson Good Samaritan Award

I live in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. It’s near Chicago and I think it’s a fantastic place to live. I was born and raised here and I’ve been able to see this place transform into what a beautiful place it is today. A community doesn’t become great unless you have good people who are willing to help keep it a nice place. They must be helpful and kind. This place is amazing because of the people that live here. I’m always out in the community, trying to inspire others through action. I’m very visible in the community and I help where I can.

The town decided to create a Bryan Anderson Good Samaritan Award. It’s actually really cool. A few people get recognized every year for being a good neighbor or friend to the community. It’s something I’m so proud to have my name on. I think it helps inspire people too. So don’t forget: we can make where we are better by just being a good neighbor.

About Bryan Anderson: Bryan grew up and resides in Illinois. Injured by an IED in October 2005, Bryan is one of the few triple amputees to survive his injuries in Iraq. He is an ambassador for the Gary Sinise Foundation and a spokesperson for USA Cares, which is focused on assisting post 9-11 veterans. Click here to learn more about Bryan.