Image of Bryson holding a newspaper. He is wearing a green graduation cap, along with a green polo and khaki pants. He is sitting in his Quantum Rehab chair equipped with iLevel.

Engaging in My College Experience: My Participation on Campus

I have been an active alumnus at UNC Charlotte, participating in student organizations, brand ambassadorships, and fighting for accessibility rights.

As a disabled person, I have found ways to give back, fighting for accessibility and disability rights as a brand ambassador of Quantum Rehab. This mobility company creates and distributes wheelchairs while fighting for disability rights. I write blogs and create social media posts that raise awareness about living with a disability. I also advocate for local politicians for insurance to cover wheelchair features. This shines a positive light on Charlotte because it prepared me to take the next step in volunteering.

I have grown as a reporter, editor, and manager at the Niner Times, the student newspaper at UNC Charlotte. At Charlotte, I am the sports editor for the Niner Times, the student-run newspaper on campus. I am passionate about storytelling’s power and believe journalism can make a difference in society. In addition to my educational background, I also have several digital skills that I think are essential for a successful journalism or communications career. Even though I am attending graduate school at Charlotte for the next two years, I plan to work with the organization as an advisor to help our writers with the next career step.

Lastly, I can be an active alumnus by helping counsel students with disabilities. I am passionate about disability issues, which is an excellent way for me to be active after graduation. As a disabled person with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the disability services have changed my life. I understand how nervewracking navigating a college campus can be, so I can alleviate some anxiety and let students know they aren’t alone. It is easy to get down on yourself as a student with a disability, so the reassurance I can give will be valuable.

It is essential to get involved during your years at college. This is because it gives you pride in your school and gives the college a good image. I am excited to see how I can continue to help the school by counseling disabled students, volunteering at events, and staying involved with school organizations.