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Riley’s Favorite Summer Lodging Spots

Summer Lodging Spots

The summer getaway season is almost here! It’s time to start planning your summer vacation! I am an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, and I am sharing my top three vacation lodging spots that will work wherever you go.

Each recommendation gives you plenty of information about how to find and reserve the specific type of lodging.

My Lodging Requirements

My two main requirements are wheelchair accessible and FUN! When it comes to travel lodging, everyone has their own preferences. Whether you’re seeking comfort, convenience, or a unique experience, the options are endless. Here are a few of my preferred types of travel lodging that never fail to leave a lasting impression:


Yurts are my favorite type of overnight lodging. They aren’t quite as formal as a cabin but they still offer decent protection from the elements. Some yurts offer even the most homey of amenities like showers, cooking stoves, and cots. Most state recreation departments have wheelchair-accessible yurt camps that you can reserve online. However, be aware of the reservation timeline. Most yurt camp reservations are snatched up quickly, so if you are planning a trip it is best to reserve them far in advance.


Some believe staying in a cabin is “glamping”, but many say otherwise. Whether your idea of a cabin is as simple as a three-sided lean-to or as extravagant as a hand-built log house, the great outdoors brings challenges for everyone. Like yurts, most state’s recreation departments have cabin camps available for reservation.

I prefer camping in state parks because they are well-maintained by park rangers who know the land, compared to reserving a camping spot on a host-your-own lodging website.


Hotels are a great compromise if you are unsure about accessibility. Hotels in the United States are required, by law, to have wheelchair-accessible features in a small percentage of their rooms. This is a great way to guarantee wheelchair access, and you can still be close to attractions and activities. Some hotels offer vacation excursion packages for guests, which are a great way to experience the area hassle-free. If you stay at a beach hotel, you may have access to beach wheelchairs and other accessible alternatives.

And off you go to begin your vacation! Lodging can make or break your vacation experience, so plan wisely and have a backup plan in place. Always remember to travel safely and have fun!